The Science of Cooking

Aspen Science Center
Thursday 01-11-2018, 6:45PM - 8:45PM
Cost: $125.00
Seats available: 0
You love food, and you love to cook. But what is really going on when you grill a steak, or boil an egg? How do different techniques like sous vide, vacuum sealing, pressure cooking or precision induction cooking work, and why do restaurants use them? How can they be used at home to improve your cooking results, and how do you figure out where to even start if you want to expand your repertoire?

Aspen Science Center and Cooking School of Aspen have joined forces to create a new program, Science of Cooking. Learn about food preparation while you enjoy a three-course meal paired with wine. This ongoing series combines the science and art of cooking with the joy of delicious food, wine and conversation while you learn some new ideas to impress your friends.
Class Full
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