The Science of Cooking

Aspen Science Center
The Sweet & Salty Side of Cooking
Thursday 06-22-2017, 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Cost: $110.00
Seats available: 0
You love food, and you love to cook. But what is really going on when you grill a steak, or boil an egg? Why does boiling pasta tend to stick together, and does putting oil in your boiling pasta water really help? Why does a seared piece of meat taste better than not? How does brining a turkey make it taste so good, and what happens if you brine beef?
Join Aspen Science Center and the Cooking School of Aspen for this three-part series this summer, and find out, while you support Aspen Science Center at the same time! ($65 of this meal is a Donation to the Aspen Science Center)
Braised Pork Cheeks
Sous Vide Ribeye
Hazelnut Mousse
Class Full
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